Note: All files are contained in zip files to remove any conflicts with email, virus scanners or firewalls.

    If running any of new ScoreBox apps generates an error message about missing runtimes, download the VC Runtimes file below.

    Updates for DL series ScoreBoxes (Serial numbers SB400 and above)

     The DL series is for systems using a Black Magic Design DeckLink or UltraStudio SDI device.
    It can be installed on any x64 Windows 10 or 11 computer with a DeckLink or UltraStudio device.
    Without a license key from ScoreBox, it will be fully functional but with a demo watermark.

    Click here for the ScoreBox DL series for Black Magic Design DeckLink SDI cards from 10/5/2022

 System Updates: For ScoreBox DSX owners only.

    Updates for DSX ScoreBoxes  (Serial numbers SB0200 and above)

    Note!!  All versions of DSX ScoreBox applications now require Matrox Utils ver
    If you have version then you can download only the updated applications.
    If you do not have Matrox Utils, then download the DSX CD disk ISO, and
    call ScoreBox tech support before proceeding with any driver updating
    or if you have any other questions.

    All the ScoreBox applications now require Windows 7 or later.  Check your system for if it is
    running a 64 bit version of Windows.  If it is, using the 64 bit version of the ScoreBox app will give
    better performance.

    The apps are now installed as a suite.  All the apps are installed at one time.  Remove ALL previous versions first before installing the suite. 

    Click here for one zip file with all of the apps for x86 from 3/8/2022

    Click here for one zip file with all of the apps for x64 from 3/8/2022

    Click here for the VC Runtimes zip file

    Click here for the DSX Utils

    Click here for the full DSX support disk ZIP as of 3/16/2016

For ScoreBox Baseball (CG2000 and DSX)

The current versions of Baseball now have the Roster box feature.  The roster can be created and edited in the ScoreBox program or by a stand alone utility.
Click here to download the Roster Editor utility.

    Updates for CG2000 ScoreBoxes  (Serial numbers SB01xx)

  Click here for Basketball version updated 3/4/2014

  Click here for Baseball version updated 1/5/2011

  Click here for Football Version updated 11/19/2010

  Click here for Soccer Version updated 1/5/2011

  Click here for Hockey Version updated 1/5/2011

  Click here for Volleyball Version updated 4/7/2011

  Click here for the full CG2000 support disk ISO as of 8/18/2010.